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Why Preteen Boys

The State of Our Boys

Our boys are in need of attention. Nationwide, teen boys are less likely to seek help or to speak up about their struggles compared to teen girls. They are more likely to be challenged with bullying in school, violence in relationships, and addiction in life. These issues make it less likely for them to seek help if harmed, and more likely for them to harm others. 

We are living through a time when social media, distance learning and a pandemic are increasing rates of loneliness. Compounded by social norms of masculinity that discourage connection and expression, boys stand to feel a disproportionate impact. 

Pre-teen boys are at a critical age where they are starting to explore new identities. In this search, they are vulnerable to negative media and peer influences. The role models they have and messages they receive help shape the man they become. 


What this website offers you

The goal of this website is to offer you the tools you need to be that role model. In our conversation guides, you’ll find what you need to guide pre-teen boys away from harmful behaviors and toward healthy ones.


We’ll talk about the do’s and don’t of conversation, how to navigate tough questions, and most importantly, how to stay connected in the life of your boy. 

Boys are yearning for these conversations. They want to hear from you and speak with you. But you have to invite them in. Break the ice and they’ll jump in! You’ll be surprised by their splash, and how much they know and want to share.

With your help, we can raise a generation of strong and empathetic boys. Together, we can break the cycles of violence by starting the conversations that matter at an early age. By showing consistent positive examples of healthy relationships you can set them on a path for a lifetime of fulfilling ones. 

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